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Doctors say Remain

After months of careful analysis the British Medical Journal (BMJ) has strongly come out for Remain.

For a debate low on evidence this is a breath of fresh air. Arguments from Brexit may sound appealing but do not stand up to analysis. The BMJ could not name one prominent health or research organisation which was in favour of Brexit. Leave campaigns arguments on the NHS are simply wrong. Farage has said that he favours dissolving the NHS.

As a GP I know that difficulties getting an appointment are due to reduced funding for the last 6 years and nothing to do with immigration. Immigrants don’t consult often. The little EU regulation affecting general practice makes quality of care better; the bad red tape comes from our own government.

We rely on immigrants to do so much for us besides care for us when we are ill and disabled; the way they are sometimes spoken about makes me ashamed. The Australian points system is a failure and most of their annual 500,000 immigrants by-pass the system; It is wrong to think that Brexit could control immigration.

No organisation is perfect including the EU but the benefits far outweigh the problems and if we stay in we can work on the problems. The benefits to the NHS, medical research and Public Health are overwhelmingly in favour of the EU. The World is in turmoil and we need to work together with like-minded nations rather than stand in isolation.

Dr Marek Koperski